Welcome to Chroma and Stain

My work in Ice Dye, both the design for the binding and the color palette, challenge me to find new and innovative ways to stretch the boundaries of color and intricacies of ice based application.

Because the pieces are so personal and individual to me, hand designed and the color schematics a product of my imagination, I name each one and share that name with the buyer. I remember every piece and how I felt when I designed it. 

As a child of rock and roll that grew up with hippie parents, my earliest memories were of going to music festivals and concerts with them and their friends. Tie dye clothing was an important part of their culture and a means of personal artistic expression. As an adult I rediscovered tie dye clothing in music fan communities like Dead and Company, PHISH, and others.

I hope you enjoy my work. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.